David McBride | Painter

Since winning 'best of show' in my kindergarten crayon coloring contest in 1950, I have had a passion for drawing and art. Most of my early artwork consisted of pencil drawings of figures and old west scenes (barns, trains, horses, etc.). I began painting in the late 80's and was hooked from the start. I enjoy painting from life and find it to be the greatest challenge, but necessary for continual improvement in my studio work. It’s all fun!

What gives a painting value? I believe that every individual makes that judgment regardless of the artist's reputation, fame, or price of the painting….it either speaks to one’s senses or it doesn’t; the true universal language.

Oregon Society of Artists juried competition multiple awards, Pacific NW Columbia Gorge Plein Air competition award, works hung in the Oregon Governor’s Mansion, Pittock Mansion. Rose Festival ‘s 100th Year ‘People’s Choice Award’ and cover of Oregon Historical Society quarterly magazine. David is also a Member of the Gilded Goat Brewing Company Mug Club!

Phil Lewis | Ink & Digital Artist

Every month we exhibit a Colorado artist that embodies the adventurous lifestyle that makes us so proud to be a Colorado brewery. No one embodies this spirit more than Boulder-based artist Phil Lewis.

"Throughout my life, I’ve always felt a special connection to nature. Being outside inspires me to create art detailing the world around me.  Living in Colorado fuels this inspiration for me daily, and the landscapes that surround me appear frequently in my art. "

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