Phil Lewis


"Throughout my life, I’ve always felt a special connection to nature. Being outside inspires me to create art detailing the world around me.  Living in Colorado fuels this inspiration for me daily, and the landscapes that surround me appear frequently in my art. 

Lately I’ve been developing a style of artwork that combines pen drawings and digital design. While I have always appreciated the raw nature of pen and ink, I’m also intrigued by the endless possibilities of the digital canvas. By combining the two, I aim to create images that feel both organic, and state of hte art, at the same time. 

You’ve likely seen my work throughout the Boulder, Colorado area, as well as a number of music festivals and jam band shows, including but not limited to Electric Forest, Wakarusa, High Sierra Music Festival, Phases of the Moon, String Cheese Incident, Telluride Bluegrass Festival, EOTO, etc. 

I’m grateful for the ability to create this art, and thought it, I hope to bring as much positive energy into the world as possible."