Gilded Goat Chairholders (GGC) is about much more than financial sponsorship or getting your name on the taproom furniture. It's about getting you involved - involved in the brewery, involved in the brewery process itself - and creating a sense of community inside our taproom. As we grow, we'll expand to helping local non profits, and we'll get more involved with conservation practices, but for now it's about creating that community in-house. 

As we roll out the Loyalty Program, keep in mind that spots are limited and time is running out. Only one seat left for the Bar Association, and our Mug Club is capped at 99 members. Read below for more information on the three levels of membership.


Mug Club

You may join the Gilded Goat Mug Club, for only $99 for the year (renewable at $49). You will receive the benefits detailed below. Each Mug Club member will be recognized on physical or digital signage within the taproom and will be added to our networking list

  • Gilded Goat hat + T-shirt
  • 20 oz. customized mug that will reside in the taproom, can be filled at any time with our standard beers at 16 oz. pricing. That's like every 5th beer is free!
  • $1 off growler fills | 15% off merchandise | GGBC stickers
  • Membership ID
  • Rewards Punch Card
  • Annual celebration where we brew with members then release beer at exclusive Members-only meeting
  • Exclusive texts/emails regarding brews, inventory, and special offerings
  • Selected discounts and promotions throughout the year
  • Yearly renewal at only $49.99

Taproom Sponsor

The Gilded Goat has 100 pieces of furniture and equipment available for sponsorship within the taproom and brewhouse. For as low as $149, a gilded plaque with your name will be mounted on the equipment or furniture of your choice. Plus, you receive all the same benefits as the 99 Club. The plaque will feature your name, or the name of someone you'd rather honor, and a personal message or image. 

Here's the list of furniture and equipment we're starting off with. This is not the current number of pieces available: It's first come, first served, so hurry in and reserve your spot. When will you have another chance to sponsor a kettle or mash tun? 

  • 60 chairs (dining and bar height)
  • 20 tables (dining and bar height)
  • 2 custom barrel tables
  • 1 club table
  • 10 fermenters and serving tanks
  • Kettle and mash
Taproom Sponsor-1.jpg

Bar Association

Each member of the Bar Association will have one of the twelve seats at the taproom bar. This application-only exclusive club will act as the Gilded Goat Consumer Advisory and Tasting Council. Each member will have a gilded hand-mounted plaque on a barstool at the bar, or on the bar itself. 

On top of the same benefits as the 99 Club, each $950 membership also includes:

  • Invitation to two special Bar Association meetings per year, where you will have input on brews and events
  • Invitation to special tastings and openings (bring a guest)
  • Sensor Panels
  • Blending Panels and feedback

Terms & Conditions

As incredible as they may be, members of the Gilded Goat Chairholders program are not investors of the GGBC. This is a community-based sponsorship program that we hope will create a large, cohesive GGBC family of friends and acquaintances, and develop a vehicle for charitable, legacy-based giving. 

Though the Chairholder's name and message will become a lasting part of the piece of furniture or equipment they've sponsored, this does not allow any authorative or superseding rights to the furniture that the Chairholder sponsored. This is as much about building community as it is adding one's imprint on the taproom, so if you see someone in the chair you sponsored, feel free to spark up a conversation - who knows, maybe they'll buy you a drink!

  • Chairholders have the option of naming the chair in honor of someone, or a number of people, but we kindly ask that no offensive words, names, or images be used on a GGCCP plaque.
  • There is a limit to one customized 20 oz mug per piece of furniture. If ten people want to go in on a sponsorship and name it after their family, that's awesome, but due to our taproom's financial and spatial limitations, there will only be one mug available to all ten parties.
  • All 20 oz mug pours must consist of our five core brands. But perhaps some seasonals will make the cut as well...

Please know that while we've spent a great deal of time building this program, this will inevitably be a work in progress. Brew dates and additional details will need to be worked out, but know that we're looking to build this into an incredibly creative and rewarding sponsorship program.

Once you've become a Chairholder sponsor, you will receive an email requesting additional information in regard to the name and image you'd like to see atop the plaque on your sponsored furniture. This same line of communication will be used by GGBC to convey information pertaining to your GGCP gifts.


Legal Jargon

Participation in the Gilded Goat Chairholders Program (GGCP) does not entitle participant to anything beyond the above benefits, either directly or indirectly.  Chairholders are stakeholders but not shareholders in Gilded Goat Brewing Co. Involvement in the GGCP will not create any relationship between participant and Gilded Goat Brewery, or its owners or management. 

Participant acknowledges that he or she does not have any sort of “dibs” on use of the sponsored furniture, and is not entitled to ask other patrons (whether a Participant or not) to move from any sponsored furniture.  Placement of any sponsored furniture shall be at the sole discretion of the Gilded Goat Brewery.  Participant will have no legal right or claim to any furniture or equipment involved or associated with the GGCP. 

Participant is not entitled to a refund of any funds paid under the GGCP, for any reason, including but not limited to dissatisfaction with the GGCCP, the furniture, or Gilded Goat Brewery or its products.  Participant consents to Gilded Goat Brewery’s use of GGCP materials, including images of plaques and furniture, in Gilded Goat promotions and advertising.