Gilded Goat Brewing Company is a family owned brewery with its foundations in the European beer traditions and the influence of the Colorado beer culture. We treat our beer-making mission as a complementary blend of art and science using Colorado mountain water and fresh ingredients. We make beer that, like the goat, is adventurous, bold and balanced in its environment; comfortable on the edge.


With its open space, HD projector, art gallery, and bird's-eye view of the Brewhouse, our mezzanine offers a unique gathering spot for a variety of groups and events. Our taproom is warm and inviting, our beer is bold and balanced, and are people are the best. Bring in your group, relax, have a beer, and enjoy the atmosphere.



Our brewer Ben Petersen on the beer: "The Citrus Hour is a beer that we created to be your ultimate drinkable summertime sour. When we were thinking about it, we didn’t want it to be too sour  - a lot of places you go, you drink a sour, and the first sip you can feel it from your chin to your ears. And it makes you pucker up..."



"Throughout my life, I’ve always felt a special connection to nature. Being outside inspires me to create art detailing the world around me.  Living in Colorado fuels this inspiration for me daily, and the landscapes that surround me appear frequently in my art."


Beer Science: Gilded Goat brewer opens in-house lab to teach, help other brewmakers

July 8  |  After earning his microbiology PhD at Colorado State University, Charlie Hoxmeier spent a few years working long hours in a research lab studying the mycobacteria that can cause tuberculosis and other “neglected diseases.” On the side, he applied his interest in biology to the yeasts, bacteria and other organisms in his homebrewed beer.

“We've built a fairly large lab here in the brewery, which is one thing that is really going to set us apart from a lot of the other small brewers,” Hoxmeier said. “They don’t have the personnel and the expertise to be able to do some of the lab testing that we’ll be able to do just because of my background.”