Eldora | American Pale Ale

The Eldora brings brewer Ben's New England heritage to the Goat, a hazy pale that is juicy, fruity and rich in appearance. Single hopped with the El Dorado, over a pound per barrel, with the bright and fruity hop profile meeting a smooth bodied malt backbone. An easy drinking American pale ale. 

ABV: 6.3% |  IBU: 65

Malts: 2-row, Pale, Flaked Barley, Crystal-10

Hops: El Dorado



Charlie Hoxmeier | Head Brewer

"The Eldora is similar to the blonde. When Ben and I were talking about the kind of styles we wanted to make, pales were high on the list because they are light and easy drinking. We wanted to go a juicy, fruity direction with the pale, along the lines of a New England pale, which has turned into it’s own style. And it reflects Ben’s New England heritage - the beers they’re making up there, which tend to have a juicier profile, and a hazy appearance because of the water up in that area. We wanted to bring that to the Goat, and capitalize on the drinkability of those types of beers.

As with all of our beers, we want the malty backbone to shine through. That's important to us. Our first iteration of this beer is single hopped with Eldorado hops, which have a citrus note to them. But at the rate that we use them, they provide this fruity, almost jolly rancher flavor to them; which was fantastic, right along the lines of what we were shooting for. So between the simple but strong malt bill and the simple hop schedule, it led to a very easy drinking beer. And a beer that we can use as a base for creating other versions of this pale."

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