Whitney Foster

Victoria Mita | Beertender

Hometown: Fort Collins, CO

Grew Up: Wilmington, Delaware

Educated: Loyola University Maryland

Likes: Creating by any and many means, inclusive to: baking, writing, painting, drawing, and block-printing. Also an avid yogi, singer and dancer.

Most Interesting Fact: I formerly worked in the field of International Education and at the Embassy of Australia in Washington, DC. This resulted in a number of unique opportunities, from teaching English and Resume building workshops in Macau, China to guiding Australian College students through the acculturation process in several fascinating countries- Vietnam, Nepal, Turkey and Indonesia and the Philippines ... Naturally, the best way to get to know many of the locals was over great home cooked meals, complimented by sharing some local beers as well!

Favorite Beer Style: India Pale Ale

Favorite Gilded Goat Beer: Petrichor