New Releases

Friday Mar 3 | Kölsch

Head Brewer Charlie Hoxmeier: I think Kölsch is one of my favorite styles because it has such a long brewing tradition. There's a lot to build off of, so we made our own twist on it by adding some honey malt in there to give it a little more body. But it still has the light, easy drinking, malt forward flavor and a dry finish. 

Brewer Ben Petersen: This here is a crisp German hybrid ale, fermented at slightly lower temperatures. You got a clean finish to it, super drinkable, great for spring weather, good for putting in a large mug


Thursday Feb 23 | Eldora Pineapple Cask

Beer Release_Eldora Pineapple.png

Brewer Ben Petersen: "The Eldora Pineapple Cask features our Eldora, which is a single hopped pale ale. The El Dorado hop by itself is fruity, juicy, and features dark fruit and stone fruit notes. We have that, and we have the ability to cask, so we figured, why not be a bit creative with those fruity notes that you get from the El Dorado hop? We thought of a few different fruits, but pineapple came to mind because it’s super juicy, and when you get ripe pineapple, it really just lends some nice notes to beers, especially when paired with hops that have that same fruit hop aromas and flavors. This is our first time trying it out, but we figured we really can’t go wrong with flavors that we know will compliment each other. So that was our decision, to create a beer that hopefully people are going to drink and go after and love.