David Pierce

David embodies the adventurous lifestyle that makes us so proud to be a Colorado brewery. Just twenty-one years old, he is already an accomplished photographer and climber, a budding filmmaker, and at sixteen he was bombing hills on his longboard at 60 mph.  

"My photography and design work tie into each other; they both stem from the outdoors. My niche in photography is climbing, and as far as design goes I love sketching mountains and wildlife. I love being able to see and feel the outdoors - much more than just taking a photo and leaving. I like to be a part of it.

I've always liked the more extreme sports, whether that's long-boarding or climbing. I like to get outside and push my comfort zones. It shows me that I'm good enough to do it. There's a constant battle against yourself. You'll fail two hundred times before you get the bouldering problem figured out or land a trick on your longboard. It's a rush! After a certain point, you're just kind of zoned in. Speed or height doesn't bother you, they're just technical aspects of what you're doing. Every little twitch affects what you do."