Annalise | Belgian Blonde

Traditional soft Belgian character, but not your regular blonde. Pink peppercorns add subtle layer of spiciness, complimented by Huell Melon hops with its strawberry flavors and aromatics that work well with the Belgian yeast. Crisp, drinkable, subtle - but you can still tell it's a Belgian.

ABV: 6.4%  |  IBU: 16

Malt: Pilsner, Pale, Carapils

Hops: Northern Brewer, Hallertauer, Styrian Gold


Ben Petersen | Brewer

"Annalise is an exciting beer. When Charlie and I first talked about the opening lineup, he said he wanted to do a Belgian blonde, which for me at the time was not the most exciting style to be opening with. So we talked back and forth about ways to make a Belgian blonde, but to make it in a way that’s different, complex, and stands out. So when people come to try it, it’s not just that blonde you had at that brewery in midtown.

We added pink peppercorns to the recipe. They’re super fruity as far as peppercorns go and they add an awesome spiciness; things that go together well with Belgian blondes. We did a lot of research on what hops might work well with the yeast, which is naturally fruity, and with those light pink notes you get out of the pink peppercorns. So we came up with Heuell Melon. This hop is known for having big strawberry flavors and aromatics. Together with the yeast and the pink peppercorns, in theory, this beer was going to work really well.

And after making the batch, it came together. The result is a really crisp, drinkable beer; not very cloying and with few esters. We hope you enjoy this hybrid blonde ale."

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